24/7 Emergency Service

24/7 Emergency Services

Emergency services help property owners restore security to their homes, offices or commercial properties until the damage can be properly repaired. They protect property from suffering further weather damage and they protect personal belongings and merchandise against burglars. Emergency board-up services are more than a necessary expense. They can actually save owners considerable amounts of money.

‘Board up’ is a term used to refer to the temporary sealing of unwanted openings in a structure or property such as those in private homes, commercial properties, office buildings and the like. Emergency board up services involve more than the installation of plywood boards on a building’s exterior to cover broken windows and smashed doors. Simply nailing a piece of plywood across an opening, even if special screws are used, does not constitute effective emergency board up services because this will not seal unwanted openings. It will only cover the openings – and probably not for very long.